Doctoral School of Law

The programme includes highly up-to-date courses and activities.

Doctoral students study interdisciplinary methods in law, approaches to academic research, and enforcement issues, as well as engage in in-depth study of rhetoric and the hierarchy of legal texts in various systems. The school offers master-classes conducted by leading academics, as well as various creative activities. Classes are held in Russian and English.

Furthermore, the programme gives participants skills that are necessary for further success (e.g., abilities to generate new and relevant ideas; write scientific work compatible with the quality found in top international journals; and engage in interdisciplinary dialogue). The programme also prepares researchers to form concepts, evaluate legal reforms, and make thorough academic/scientific enquiries.

Open Workshop "Legal Regulation of the Oil and Oil Product Markets"

The Higher School of Economics Graduate School of Law and the HSE-Skolkovo Institute of Law and Development held a joint seminar on the legal routes to improve the efficiency of the oil sector.

Admissions for HSE Doctoral Programmes Now Open

New regulations simplifying admissions to HSE’s doctoral programmes have been approved. The procedure includes two application waves that consider personal achievements, and offers more opportunities for those who speak foreign languages. Vice Rector Sergey Roshchin told us more about the changes.